Infiltrator Double Dmg not working update: with screenshots

I used the F12 to report this ingame with a screenshot.

It seems that currently the level7 double damage bonus from infiltrator does NOT work at all or it doesn’t work after using vanish.

E.g. My infi/sniper wanted to take a siren’s head out. I vanished to get into stealth, targeted the siren’s head and the tooltip said correctly 240 dmg (Pythagoras). So it should have done 220 dmg (-20 armor).
As the shot hit the mark it did only 100 dmg which is normal damage (120-20).
I noticed this throughout combinations of asssault/infi, sniper/infi, heavy/infi.

This is really bad since all my infiltrators do far less dmg than they should. Also since the tooltip shows the correct damage that should have been dealt you expect an enemy to be dead with your last shot but he does not die due to the less dmg. That hurts and really lead to quite a few injuries…

edit: Just checked. It also does NOT work from being stealthed normally e.g. at start of a combat so it is broken

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That is normal because your soildier get visible not using silence weapons. I´ff you want to use noise weapons you have to use the cybernetik helm with sillence all weapons. Reading the patchnotes for this change would also help. Have fun, this is indeed not one of the dozens bugs it is a featur.

Sorry for my bad grammar, english is not my first languege.

Are there silenced weapons now ?

Not really.
For my understanding, the crossbows should be silent, but unfortunately they are not.

So if you want to play properly with infiltrator you have to buy DLC? Did I understand this correctly?

You are not correct. The patchnotes do read that you will be revealed when firing a non silent weapon and in Los.
However this would make no sense if this was true for the very first shot fired. As I read this anyone not using a silent weapon (crossbow) or the new android head with silent echo (treating all weapons as silent) gets revealed AFTER that shot.
A part of this works because now if your stealthed and fire e. G. A sniperrifle you will get revealed so that you would have to use vanish for a 2nd stealthshot.
Otherwise the complete infiltrator class would be obsolete because you would only be able to use the bonus if the enemy has no los on you which would only be the case for a far far away sniper/inf.
This is definetly a bug rendering infiltrator nearly useless.

In my tests the first shot has the double bonus, but all subsequent not. The biggest problem for me at the moment is that crossbows are not silent.
EDIT: And the UI, I really don’t know when or what reveals me and allways have to doublecheck i.e. go out of aim, switch to another soldier and back and such things. Not funny …

And in my opinion, the DLC not only make them ‘to play properly’ but also close to OP with the right crossclass.

In my tests including the first shot on the 1st round in combat the tooltip as well as the aiming tooltip show double damage even marking enemies that they would die (shotguns) but the real actual shot does only normal dmg.
This is without exception even after using vanish.
I have all missions with an assaultinf a heavyinf and a sniperinf tested and although the game always shows the expected outcome not a single shot did doubledmg

I did report some 6 screenshots via f12 one of them a sequence. You see the double dmg value in the soldier selection looking at the equipped weapon. You see the expected outcome of a shotgunshot marking the Triton as dead saying doubledmg and then you see the Triton standing there with 1/3 HP firing back nxt turn xD

You always have to check whether you were not revealed by movement before the shot, as I said the UI didn’t help much.
I doublechecked the damage and in my tests it do what it said with double damage. But only when i was really shure that I was really undetected.
Most of the time, the UI does not respond properly when you are revealed and shows the wrong double damage in your aim (as you reported), the invisible vanish glow is preserved and so on …

As I said I had a sniper on my first turn he had not moved yet but had an athron in Los. The sniper did not move., the ui showed concealed, the symbol for concealment was shown top mid on the screen, athron was some 15tiles away. It all showed doubledmg but the shot (1st soldier 1st turn 1st shot) did only normal dmg.

And I had this throughout 5 missions with 3 infs in my team none managed to get a single doubledmg yet I even gave one sniper the silent echo head to no avail

Is there any other way to check if your concealed?

Switshing to another soldier and back to the one that should be conceald helped me most of the time, also sometimes go out of aim and back in.

But on the first turn without movement?
I’m a bit perplexed, never happens to me and I play a lot with Infs and many crossclasses yesterday.
Maybe the game on your side is corrupted?

I really don’t know. It feels like a bug. At least it should always work when u use vanish but it doesn’t.

I have played lots of PP and I’m keeping track on my missions to evaluate the new xp system.
I think I know how to play with infis but as I said I played 5 missions with my team since they reached lvl7 but did not manage to land a single doubledmg despite all ui and aiming tooltips. I’ m really lost here.

I will try to make a Twitch clip if I get it to work.

… and you’re not closer than 5 tiles away from any enemy with LOS.
Just for completeness :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Of course :grin:

Maybe it’s one of this master marksman thingys which means that the game probably not only takes the current soldier into consideration but if any of your toons or enemy corpses are too close or in Los of an enemy.

One question:
Have you started a new campaign or is this an old save from before the patch?

I realised some problems with my old saves after the patch and decided to start a new campaign.
Also just for completeness …

New campaign after dlc

Then unfortunately I’m out, I have no idea why that doesn’t work for you, but it does for me.

From what I recall reading here, the crossbow has been bugged as a non-silent weapon for some time. Perhaps this issue needs to be put up on the Canny Feedback.

It is mentioned in this one: in one of the posts and this is already marked as open. I think that should be enough(?).

  1. Crossbows are silent weapons.
  2. look at this topic - Infiltrator class is broken after Leviatan (bug)