Crates...don't have to look like crates

Hey, I just want to suggest/mention that the crates in the final build…they don’t all actually have to look like fusion-powered future-crates, you know?

I don’t have any problem at all, with the idea of there being loot on the battlefield. In-fact, I like it, and I approve of it. But…I’m also hoping that it ends up being “stored” in a variety of visually-different-looking containers.

There are already areas on the maps that look like weapons-lockers, so this shouldn’t be a difficult thing to implement, or heavy on limited artistic resources. I mean…shelves and lockers, come on.

I just think that it might be nice, to spice things up a bit from the current crates–which, coincidentally, look almost identical to the freezer that I keep in my garage.

Not a place I’d store weapons and explosives, personally, but hey, maybe New Jericho can find a cache of delmonico steaks and ice-cream sandwitches, for a much-needed Willpower-boost? Add in a frosty bottle of El Guapo tequila, and no crab-man alive could stand in the way of Margarita Night!


I’d actually prefer ALL loot containing tiles to look the same. There’s some immersion breakage, but that’s preferable to remembering the loot may look like.

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maybe they’ll do what they are doing with all units having similar silhouettes with the crates

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I’ve suggested a system like the old Infinity Engine RPG games (Baldur’s Gate / Icewind Dale) etc - where holding a key highlights anything on the ground that can be collected/interacted with.


Why not as simple as highlight on mouse over?

It was only a suggestion.

The issue with a mouse over highlight is you would have to scan around the map with the mouse to highlight something. Having a keypress highlight everything on the screen makes it more difficult to miss something.

Those old RPGs actually used a combination of both. Stuff would highlight on mouseover, but holding Alt would highlight everything.


Diablo used this mechanic. I find it useful in a game like PP.
Also, why wouldnt there be any weapons lying on the floor, for example? A grenade or two… It doesn’t need to be a box.


Well, there will be. This will most likely only be stuff dropped in battle though. Grenades and firearms generally aren’t stored in piles on the floor!


Respecting finding weapons on the floor, it could be plausible in a “outpost overrun” situation. Or maybe after an explosion inside a compound/facility/downed UFO, etc.


no such thing exist here :wink:

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Oh, I wasn’t aware that there are no UFO’s. But I guess it makes sense, as this is a biological type of menace, right?
Where can I read more about what is the game plan? (I’ve read everything on their website, I want to know more…)

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Subscribe to the briefings fella ! Roughly 300 pages of lore !

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on the main site, there is a pop-up that will ask you to subscribe to the newsletter. That’ll get you the briefings #1-5 which contain 1-2 dozen new stories, and some of the ones on the site.

There is also the development roadmap here which shows what the devs on current working on and towards.

Finally, there is Retcon Raider’s youtube channel, where he has summarized everything we have found out in numerous videos. Forewarning: some of the stuff is out of date due to us learning new stuff, or things changing in the development process.


I agree that it would be really great to have various containers. Also, the alt function is great, even for highlighting enemies. Would be much more comfortable then having another icon on screen.
Also possibility to “Steal” technology while in other heaven or in alien base, to be researched at base.

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Well, I like the ideas mentioned, about ALTing over, which would reveal everything. Also, it shouldn’t be any harder, to add the big green arrow that currently points to loot, to point out a variety of loot-storage possibilities.

Agreed: I want loot to be VISIBLE, and easy to find/remember where I put it, but, I think that can still be done cleverly and artistically, in a way that breaks immersion less-so than our current refridgerator-crates version kind of does…

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This is a recurrent complaint I saw on discord after the first build was released. Many people raised the point that gun lockers had no guns and it was immersion breaking. I personally agree with that observation, and it also makes sense gameplay wise. Say, you are in a NJ heaven and you want to loot weapons, you would look in the weapon storage area. Weapons and ammunition aren’t generally stored in some random crates scattered around the streets.

I seriously hope this gets implemented later in the game.

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@UnstableVoltage That would be pretty cool. There are many games that take that approach like the Assassin’s Creed eagle eye, Deus Ex, or Hitman’s instinct. It would be pretty cool if you could tag them as well so you can keep track of only the ones you are interested in.

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