Crate content reminder

Hello guys,
next idea. After I open a crate I think it would be a good idea to create a popup with crate content after its open.
e.g. I am scouting with my sniper, I’ve found a crate with a grenade launcher and 3 loaders. I clearly don’t want to take it with my sniper. after a while, I am out of ammo with my heavy. I would like to pickup launcher… but now I see six crates. I don’t know where it was.
In a normal situation, soldiers would be aware of what kind of ammo has been found by squadmates, because they are in constant radio contact.


So after opening crate pressing Alt on keyboard should display it’s content?

I was rather thinking about something more simple.
If I do a mouseover the crate I see ‘secured’ (if this is recently discovered crate) or ‘content: x, y, z’ if this crate was opened in the past.
but of course, would work as well.

It is simple. Dev just need to add another condition to Alt key functionality to include opened crates.

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as ex dev I hate when someone tells me how to implement thing, I prefer to hear how should expected version looks like. :wink:
but yeah, the same mechanism as the one for laying objects sounds reasonable. right now I think it’s better than my original idea because if you are looking for a shotgun magazine you don’t care if it is in the crate or DoA body.