[Sugestion] In Lair and Citadel missions the boxes should not have human weapons!

This destroy imersion ingame… the reward in boxes (and it should be other graphics different from the ones the boxes Havens) should be only Mutagenes and Food/Materials, not Human Weapons.


Pandorans use human weapons, so they must steal them from humans. So there is nothing wrong with this. Is not a hard strech to think pandorans take and store the guns of the dead. It strikes me as odd than in a videogame no less, a medium that constantly sacrifices realism in favor of gameplay, you chose to complain about a very small thing that requires absolutely no effort to make sense of it.

Also the players need to have a source of enemy weapons, not everyone wants to assault heavens, and an alternative way of reverse engineer the guns of the enemy is very much needed regardless. So this is necessary.

I think gameplay needs to be considered above realism, and in this case there is nothing wrong with it.

I get it, all games and media need some suspension of disbelief in order to not break the inmersion. But this is a subjective term that depends not only of the devs, but of the player too. The devs cannot met all the requeriments of realism that may be arbitrary, but of course should care about realism, when that realism does not hurt the gameplay. Is just that in this case, I feel that you are demanding a change of something that to me makes perfect sense, and therefore I dont think needs any change. And also would hurt the gameplay, so also should not be changed regardless.

What about this, just to take your comment to its consequences… why are you not complaining of pandorans storing their goods in crates, instead of in organic piles of goo? This is actually less consistent and more disrupting than what you are actually complaining about.

Just my opinion.


In terms of immersion, most Pandorans are former humans, so there is nothing wrong if they are collecting resources and other things from human settlements. :wink:


I think that this way

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So that’s where idea of Umbra came from! :crazy_face:
If you paralyze enemy, you can get mutagen, if you kill it then… you get “Frah-Kio” surprise. :crab:
And you’re complaining about devs not reacting to feedback. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think presentation is a problem, rather then concept itself. I haven’t played the game in couple months, but if I remember well crates in alien bases are generic metal (?) boxes - those definitely feel out of place, and a more evocative placement (pile of discarded remains or alien fleshy container) and some in-lore explanation could go a long way.


The first few times I was in a Lair I didn’t even notice there are boxes there, so presentation is a problem for sure… Having them be human-boxes helps the player notice them, but that sounds more like a first-pass solution rather than a polished, so hopefully the devs will go back to them later.

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I will consider this to be inappropriate trolling. :pinching_hand:

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