CPU Heat Issue / Architecture Issue?

I was playing with CAM enabled today on my I7 CPU with a GTX 1080 gpu, and I noticed I kept getting 80 c heat warnings on the CPU. I opened CAM to see what was up, and I noticed that the CPU would intermittently slam to 100% load and give heat warnings. I closed all the non-essential programs I could and checked the water in my cooler, and everything seemed good to go, but when I continued to play I continued to get the CPU spikes and the heat warnings.

I closed the game and ran Battlefield V instead and got no joy: heat steady at 68-71C. So I’m wondering if the final release version of the game is going to be compatible with my cpu architecture. Here’s the speccy on my CPU:

Intel Core i7 7700K @ 4.20GHz
Kaby Lake 14nm Technology

Motherboard MSI Z270-A PRO (MS-7A71) (U3E1)

If this isn’t in the range for the final production game, can I get a sense of what is so I can start investigating upgrades?

Note heat issues are a cooling issue not a gaming problem

Your cpu fan is either broken, your heatsink is not seated properly, or you don’t have a good fan curve defined. Likely the pump on your water cooler is broken

The game using 100% of your CPU is not an issue.

Yeah, I’m watching the water circulate through the tubes, so I know there’s water and the pump is working. And in addition I can put the CPU under heavy load with multiple other programs including BF V and Red Dead but none of them cause the heat spikes.

I have a far older CPU than your’s and this is not a problem.
If your CPU is running hot this is on your system cooling capacity (check your flow on radiators)

A different report would be that “When on map X, I see that I have a CPU spike and the CPU load is increased on Y%”

Right but his point is that it’s not an issue with the game per say. I mean it “might” be an issue with game optimization that it’s hitting 100% CPU tasking, but your CPU overheating isn’t the fault of the game. If your CPU is overheating then that means the cooling is insufficient. If the cooling is insufficient we have to look at why. Common problems are a broken fan and/or improper seal between the CPU and the heat sink. Another potential problem is a system that can’t dissipate as much heat as what what you can create.

So while yes, the game might have a problem that causing it to create so much heat, for sure your system has a problem where it’s unable to dissipate as much heat as what can be created.

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Again games do not cause heat problems

Cooling problems cause heat problems. The game itself cannot ‘overheat’ your CPU. Your lack of cooling does that.

Run Prime95 with the maximum power stress test and monitor it with HWMonitor. I guarantee your CPU will have a seizure.


You have a cooling problem, not a game problem.