Buggy death animations, crabmen behavior etc

First of all, I couldn’t use the in-game bug report system because I had an error message after pressing the send button. Unfortunately I can’t remember the error message. Here’s a couple of bugs I encountered. They could be unimplemented features but I wouldn’t know.

  1. The death animation for the queen is buggy, it plays the animation but the queen just freezes halfway.
  2. I destroyed the roof under a crabman with a grenade and the crabman didn’t fall, but instead just hovered in place and didn’t do anything in its turn.
  3. I also encountered the buggy behavior of the looted alien machine gun but that’s already been reported.
  4. The inventory screen only opens up for the first time I open a crate. After that I have to manually go to the inventory screen to see what’s in the crate.

It also would be great to have some kind of icons on the items that can be picked up. There are rifle assets just hanging around everywhere but you can’t take any ammunition from them and the ammunition is really scarce here.