So the Countdown timer was a flalse indication

So clearly the count time timer is just a complete waste. There just to get your hopes up. I think that they should not have it if they haven’t got the BB ready to release when it finishes… Been a few hours now and still nothing. Not even a post on the forums updating those who paid to gain access…

The countdown timer was set for midnight PST - Xsolla were actually supposed to distribute the build at 10pm, when there were still 2 hours on the clock, to prevent this very thing from happening. Cearly, there’s been some sort of technical issue. I’m trying to chase it with Xsolla to get it resolved as soon as possible - but my attention is split between having to deal with multiple posts in different places from people complaining that a development build is a few hours overdue.

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And this problem is already being addressed in this topic.

Perhaps it would be a better idea to release the updates in the morning, or early in the day. Nobody is around at midnight to fix things.

I couldn’t agree more - and we will look into this going forward.

However, the issue was at our end - which makes it 10am

Earth has time zones. There is always midnight and midday somewhere. :wink: Snapshot Games is based in eastern Europe so they are at the place. :slight_smile:

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