Controller - Please allow DPad for list/grid navigation

Controller support is gradually getting better. Thanks for that ! Unfortunately, you can’t navigate lists and grids with the DPad. The DPad is much better at these types of tasks than the left stick due to its inherent on/off nature. Pressing/clicking the DPad 10 times to move down a list is quick and easy, while moving the analog stick in this manner is ‘cumbersome’. This is the way most turn based strategy games do it - XCom EW, XCom 2, Age of Wonders Planetfall. Furthermore, when the analog stick on a controller inevitably starts to ‘drift’, it creates somewhat of a nightmare trying to navigate all the UI elements. Please, at least provide the option to use the DPad for list and grid navigation throughout the game. It honestly makes a HUGE difference. Thanks.

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