Console command

is there an console command to reveal pandorian. i got a tactical combat and seems like there is one left hiding out somewhere …

wonder if there is a reveal command in order to see whether there is a bug (aka buried pandoran as happened in bb4)?

You can use

fow 0

To disable the fog of war.

fow 1

will reenable it.

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That’s what happens when you reply to threads from mobile!


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chuckles. mobile always “gives” incorrect english statements that could be comedical or dramatic. (LOL}

don’t worry, I saved it for posterity

no worries @UnstableVoltage, yesterday I was autocorrected to check tinder on the hob… instead of timer.

Is there a console command on the MAC, a way to get to it?

Try ‘ or ~

I will thanks! Next time I am in the game just turned it off now, takes so long to load…:slight_smile: Will give it rest for a while… Oh by the way is there a list somewhere of the commands you can use?

Once you open the console, typing commands will give you a complete list.

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I think is the’list’ or ‘commands’

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could you please tell me how to get a particular reseach project? I cant research on my own as this would freeze my production queue (I reporter this error earlier)
but I cant find a correct execution manner for research complete command (I want a project, not all of them)

I’m not aware of a command to unlock a single specific project.

thanks :slight_smile: I will provide what I understand from console command when I get home

Hi Kevin,
you have two commands:
research and research_get

I have a problem, if I will finish protocivilisation 3 or advanced tiamat, my research and manufaturing will freeze forever. so I was thinking that I could edit this projects by commands to avoid this bug.

Could you check how these commands work? TIA

You can print out the commands list by hitting ~ then typing commands. Now in your PP file directory there will be a file called console.log. Print that.

Anyone know how the “fow (enable)” command works? I have tried every variant I can think of using the “example” which is not an example? I want to know how to turn the FOG on and off, thanks!

Just don’t cheat too much. :smiley:

fow 0 - shows enemies
fow 1 - hides enemies who are out of sight

Thanks! Will test it latter…:slight_smile: