Console commands?

Has the console been disabled in the game? I wanted to have a look at a few things and I can not activate the console anymore? So is it off? Can it be turned back on? I would like the option here either way!

Yes, it’s off in the release. Here’s the mod to enable it.

Thanks for that but one small problem! I am running on Mac and do not have that folder to put the zip in and it don’t run the EXE files? Any idea how I can get it on the Mac…:slight_smile:

Have you heard any news on the MAC version of the console commands it used to be active in the original game but now as we know it is off… So I can see there is plenty for the PC group but I can find nothing on the MAC version? I will be buying a monster PC in the next few months (hopefully) but I want to sort a few things out in the mean time on the game… So any news would be helpful, thanks!