PLEASE re-enable the console commands

Would it be possible to put the console command back PLEASE! I would like to explore this more. It would remove some of the frustration with lack of funds/materials and loss of men as you could afford to get them. Now don’t flame me over this, because if you don’t want to use it, the answer is really, really simple DON’T… It is a personal choice I would like to have… It really is that simple! BTW, I have a Mac so I can’t use the mod it is for PC.

It’s possible to do on the PC with a simple autoexec.bat file. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about Mac OS to get it to work on there. Will check with our Mac guy tomorrow.

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I am another Mac user who would like to have the console back.

Thank you!


did you get any answer from the Mac guy yet?

No not a word as yet!

Any news on the console yet for Mac?

I suppose that there is no way to get the console back on Mac, isn’t it?