Combat Replay Save

This is a feature that some games of the old had but for some reason it is mostly abnadoned today.

I toss it here as an idea that I think many would love. I don’t know how difficult it is to implement or if it can be implemented at all; the devs should know better.

So, I watched Unstable Voltage’s playthrough last night. His first run was so fun that it brought back in my mind that replay save feature I dreamed of XCOMs had, were you can save the replay of a battle and re-watch it anytime. Maybe you can send it to a friend who has the game to watch it too or share it with the cimmunity.

I think this feature is good for these kind of games and helps preserve those memories of that rediculus fight that time or that impossible shot etc.

It can be somwhat simplified view if not a full recording e.g. like Civilization had in the end e.g. with “football glory” just kills preserved on both sides.