Collateral Damage penalties in Havens

I wonder whether there are plans to make causing structural damage to any Haven you are defending something that incurs a penalty?

At the moment, you parachute in, blow the bejazus out of anything that moves, and swan off with the blood money that a pathetically grateful population thrusts into your hands for saving them.

If the amount of reward &/or popularity was eroded by the number of buildings you had destroyed, it would make you think twice about blowing the walls off the building that Crabbie was hiding in.

Cos let’s face it, when the Crabbies finally start attacking PP bases, you’re gonna think twice before lobbing a high explosive grenade into your own valuable research lab, so I doubt the Havens would appreciate being reduced to a rubble-strewn warzone while you’re saving their lives ;0)

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Just today I had this same thought. I went all Firecat-ey, and blew up pretty much all the haven. Doesn’t make sense to not have some kind of penalty for that.

If appoc can serve us as a guide I guess we’ll have penalties from blowing everything up.