Class System feedback & suggestions

Yes, I do understand you are here more to deal with the forum crowd, and I am good its way more then UnstableVoltage that did that alone at very beginning. Its good.

also, Wiki and some beginners guides are also great for “those who did not suffer early stages to learn it on their own” :slight_smile: And one can always find something faster then in UFOpedia or more enriched!
I vote for Wiki to became part of PP UFopedia :slight_smile:

You can have some making PP with two hands and a leg sign :slight_smile:
Monthy Phytons secret silly walk? :slight_smile: (also appearing in strange game “West of loathing” as silly walk perk)

I hope you can at least let devs of some public opinion and good proposals - as of yours, as on official here, or forum. It at least gives proposals some chance :slight_smile:

Is it a waste of personal time, like a year of beta for free, and for 5-15% efficiency? This is a conversation with the Wall, it kills the attitude towards the Game, this cannot be afforded by any indie studio that respects its players.

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Truth of capitalist world is: company will do what it does, customers must obey :slight_smile:
Rarely I did found companies that really incorporate the users opinion and needs, so many players, few paid developers and good managers, or so :slight_smile:

Well, at least that you could compile and save good ideas for PP2 or so …

This will not happen, and to build such hopes means to bury the current development of Phoenix Point, right now.

PS This is Betrayal, and Traitors cannot plan a stable Future.

Yup, I did it on Epic, and will even buy a Steam version and switch to Steam, knowing all the bad sides.

Ahhh … big words. A bit of disappointment rather, but I ll give them a fair chance of supporting it as it is, so they are funded to do better work. Optimist, I am :slight_smile:

It was with me before the release of DLC1. Reality makes you sober.

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It is more dramatic
Looks , that “the Council” has its opponents, who think this
I saw an accusations on steam, that council monopolized communication with devs and Influence over the game, and it’s role is “counterproductive”

This indignation is caused, not by the Council or even by Canny. This is a contradiction between “Light and Heavy” players, although in fact, it is a problem of Disbalance of the game, a problem of the Design “My OP versus Your OP” - there is no Hormonia in it.
I already wrote many times, the balance between the two OPs can be built, But this requires the Resources of the “AAA+” game.
But to take a Design close to realism and ballistics, adding the efforts of the Community + Modding, it is quite possible to reach the “Legend of my childhood” level.

(The PP has the unique potential of “Three-Dimensional Orientation and Plan for Action - Step by Step” for the Growing Generation)


The devs also use the data they receive from players in the game.


Particularly within the Council, because (except the secret handshake and the world domination plan) we don’t usually agree on anything.

Which is the point, because ‘Community Council’ is a fancy name for ‘focus group’: the devs ask questions/give us test builds and see how we respond. They also (sometimes) look at what we are discussing between each other.

Indeed, and not only telemetry but forums, Discord, reviews, etc.

CC is another source of feedback for the devs, I don’t know how much weight it has vs the others, and whatever it is, it’s the result of how the devs perceive the utility of our feedback (how accurately it anticipates the feedback from the larger playerbase).

Also, we do sometimes get feedback from the devs, like “this is a bug”, or “this is a feature”, and that we usually share.

One thing I would caution against is assuming that all CC members post here. Some are on Discord but not here, and others are not active publicly at all.


Something went wrong if the Community Council (Brainstorming) turned into laboratory experiments. (+ Polls by mail, + Telemetry)

And the feedback from Devs comes with the command “error” or “rule” (false / true).

I would even be interested to watch the SG from the side if they were developing Not Phoenix Point.

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No, it didn’t. It never was about ‘Brainstorming’ or ‘Codevelopment’ or something like that, except in some people’s vivid imaginations.

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Perhaps this is good if you personally feel comfortable.
Vivid Imagination is Cool, too bad there is no Modding.

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I can only agree…

The second follows from the first.

Was the comfort position correct?

have it coming

Anyway, lets say that I wish to The Council to defend its reputation

I am interesting more to game itself, that organization,

We changed a topic here, so I would like to go back to class system and this certain skill

War Cry
I have been playing and thought again about my favorite heavy class…
With the War Cry, I must say, that honestly, I like the effect, but looks OP, and push the heavy class to its weird role

And another point - for me, this is completely nonsense - a human soldier can paralyze “biological horrors” by screaming. Yes, it is just a game, but Phoenix Point is focusing to the atmosphere and lore.

I can imagine some kind of unique weapon (or grenade) with this unique effect, based on electro-magnetic shock wave or something like this, there can be nice story about it
You must get special stuff from special mission (hard difficulty), do a special research, and than You get this unique weapon as well-earned reward

I was asking myself - why this is in the form of character skill ? :thinking:


You can also warcry enemy turrets preventing them from shooting.

No Comments, only emotions … (not funny) +1 in Appalled by Steam (Reviews)

That’s a well-known Chuck Norris fact :laughing:


Ahhh Yes, Chuck Norris was a missing part of puzzle in a theory, where mindless machines have a fear from malfunction :laughing: