Chronicles of Phoenix Point: Bases Alone

The Premise: Each base operates alone, only within its scan range. Combat team can only operate within current base scan area. Each base provides fabrication + research as well as health and rest facilities. Each combat team may only recruit from havens in its active scan range or available base recruits.

The Reasons: Just to try something different. I’ve played with just using one faction, no factions, only mutations, etc. Just about all possible combinations. So, I thought I’d try this. It may explode in disaster after a week game time! I thought of tracking tech/materials/food per base; I might try it, but it may be too much of a headache. (Deleted the bonus skins. Thought that would give me a materials boost but they provided 0 of each. :frowning_face:

Base is activated. Scanning has just picked up something to the east. Sending team to investigate.

An Anu have is contacted. The team heads off to its first combat mission.

The team waits for darkness. Anu lights should provide enough visibility to have an advantage. [Another goal of this campaign: Try to use nighttime to advantage. If possible, fight battles at night. You seem to have to wait 4 or 5 hours after the day/night line passes for night to actually set in.]

Operatives perception in the dark is down to 18. The chiron and the worms have it much worse:

01d Worm Perception in Dark

01e Chiron Perception in Dark

The source of the infestation is dealt with (bleeding to death) from the high beam. Now the tricky bit: hunting poison worms in the dark. [I won’t record missions like this normally. I wanted to highlight the darkness effects + challenges. Usually the worms come at the two assaults in the start area. Now we need to hunt them down, hopefully, without triggering explosions. We’ll also try to bash as much as possible; to save ammo costs.]

The worms are dealt with. Sniper stayed up on the high beam to scout as the worms approached. Heavy came down and relished in the bashing of disgusting green worms. Team heads back to base to wait for a new location to be within active scan range.


The scan expands and we start to finally explore:

02a Military Base Found

Phoenix Archives reveal base locations. There is a mist outcrop off the east coast of Asia, so we’ll activate the Siberian base. As a bonus, it has a scanner that is not damaged! Now, can we collect enough resources to start building an airship for it?

A junkyard provides materials.

A location we explore turns out to be an Anu haven under attack from Pandorans! This is a bit of luck: It’s only Jan. 03 so we’ll be facing only melee Pandorans. And it should be night in about an hour or so, so double luck.

(Tune in same Anu channel a bit later for an update.)


We waited an hour or so and things turned dark. Not that it mattered greatly when facing the melee Pandorans. The Disciples helped out, hacking their share of Arthrons into pieces.

03a Arthron Perception in Dark

A nice reward for a first haven mission.

03b Haven Rewards

Jan. 03 is just ending (first Pandoran report will pop up at midnight, revealing they’ve discovered ranged weapons to a degree). I think we will head to the Nest in a bit. Rumours hint at an interesting site just southwest of us, but we need to wait for scanning to confirm.

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A quickie update:

-haven defense was done at night (melee only)
-scavenging site completed at night (melee only)
-NJ haven discovered + 1st mission completed
-nest removed
-refused ind. haven request for seed vault + Anu hit 24% [The mission is just off screen to the north. It will have to wait until we can activate the Central Europe base and get scanning to there.]
-Siberian base building fabrication; scanner active now; airship in construction; next goal, repair training centre there and begin recruiting a small team of 4
-Symes Retreat came within our range so heading there

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It’s the 8th of Jan.:

-northeast sites mostly explored
-vehicle recovery successful (Scarab)
-NJ haven defended + heading to revealed nest

We’ve devised a plan to get to the northern Anu site. There was a blimp near our base but it flew off somewhere. If/When it returns, we’ll steal it. One, it will let us use Anu navigational systems to get to the northern haven. Two, it will provide room for our newly acquired vehicle to take part in missions.

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Two Weeks In:

Mediterranean: 3rd haven defense (that poor NJ haven will be a constant target) + 3rd nest destroyed (luck in that all 3 have been discovered after the raids)
-Anu bandits taken care of with the help of our little Anu deception

Siberia: base is finally active; team there is mostly level 2s with only one assault w armour, but we’ll get there (hopefully)

Plan is to outfit them with essentials and then activate a 3rd base, either near new mist or perhaps beside an active base so we can hop from one scan area to the other where they overlap.

Life is pretty bleak in Siberia these days!

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