Cheeky Gnomes Restless World Cup 2019 (Stage Two)


I think the lobby bug is rearing its head again. The menus are there but they are invisible. When I joined in @Bos5k games the join button wasn’t there but if clicked where it should be, I was added.

I’ve had some success in the past by selecting an item from the menu while it’s invisible which causes it to redraw.

You can also try going into a battle (tutorial or spectate are quickest) then going back into the lobby

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i give up. i quit

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First time I have ever encountered it:0



@Viking34 @Tiger

How about having your partner, Viking, setup the games?



I suffered the same menu bug, but following Roderick’s suggestion of entering and quitting the tutorial solved it. The menus are there, just invisible!

@bejebus @Bos5k I have set up our match in bracket 11 as ‘CheekyGnomes game 11’

Can’t find you on the friend list Tiger :sweat_smile:

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@Tiger the forum only lets me tag 2 people at a time :upside_down_face:

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Hey Viking, can you set up our 4 games please as the custom game lobby is bugging out on me



Hey @Tiger , I’m also unable to start our games. I made one you’re not in yet, but this time the workaround for the menu bug doesn’t solve my invisible menus.



dear god, you guys are slowly killing me :scream:

Can we get this sorted today? I have found that setting a game to private acts as a beacon for the bug monster, so always go with public. login/logout or spectating a game or popping into the tutorial are usually enough to refresh the screen

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We better have a whip round for Aka’s medical bills, the stress we’re putting him under



No worries , thanks for trying:)



Good to know!

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Ok, let’s do it this way. We’ll setup the games for you.

@Tiger @Viking34 please delete your games and make sure you’ve accepted all friend requests

Please maintain the order, look at OP if you need reminder for battle specs:

TODAY if possible:
@Aka please setup this game Viking > Eido > Tiger > Aka
@Roderic please setup this game Tiger > Roderic > Viking > Iod
@Bos5k plese setup this game Viking > Bejebus > Tiger > Bos5k



Don’t forget: victors should report battle results here, when doing so please also make note of the turn order so I can identify the game. Thanks!



Round 1 Bos5k & Bejebus win vs Iod & Roderic



Are you all reporting your games?



@Viking34 and @Tiger emerge victorious from game order: Viking, Eidolon, Tiger, Aka, which seems to be bracket 1.

Viking and Tiger emerge victorious from game order: Tiger, Roderic, Viking, Iod, which seems to be bracket 9.

Viking and Tiger emerge victorious from game order: Roderic, Tiger, Iod, Viking, which seems to be bracket 3

Viking and Tiger emerge victorious from game order: Bos5k, Tiger, Bejebus, Viking, which seems to be bracket 5.

We have one more game in progress also on game order: Bos5k, Tiger, Bejebus, Viking, (reversed as a result of the other team setting up our game). This game is bracket 11, and has two lonely wizards and a goblin chasing after one another on an empty map for the remaining 4 turns.



thanks Viking, nice job guys



Iod and Roderic keep their honour winning against Bejebus and Bos5k in CGR match 1

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So, the finals will be played live, as previously stated, on the Clover Hills map.

This map has been chosen for 3 reasons:
1: It is spacious
2: Teams start next to each other
3: The layout & terrain create an interesting opportunity for multi-level combat

Please let me know if anyone has an issue with this.

ALSO: I was thinking it would be cool to have a 3rd and 4th place battle, also live—let me know your thoughts.

LASTLY: Please let me know your timezone, I will create some kind of obnoxious poll so we can schedule times to play. It would be cool to have someone stream both games, if anyone has any thoughts on that.

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