Cheeky Gnomes Restless World Cup 2019 (Stage Two)

No worries , thanks for trying:)

Good to know!

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Ok, let’s do it this way. We’ll setup the games for you.

@Tiger @Viking34 please delete your games and make sure you’ve accepted all friend requests

Please maintain the order, look at OP if you need reminder for battle specs:

TODAY if possible:
@Aka please setup this game Viking > Eido > Tiger > Aka
@Roderic please setup this game Tiger > Roderic > Viking > Iod
@Bos5k plese setup this game Viking > Bejebus > Tiger > Bos5k


Don’t forget: victors should report battle results here, when doing so please also make note of the turn order so I can identify the game. Thanks!

Round 1 Bos5k & Bejebus win vs Iod & Roderic


Are you all reporting your games?

@Viking34 and @Tiger emerge victorious from game order: Viking, Eidolon, Tiger, Aka, which seems to be bracket 1.

Viking and Tiger emerge victorious from game order: Tiger, Roderic, Viking, Iod, which seems to be bracket 9.

Viking and Tiger emerge victorious from game order: Roderic, Tiger, Iod, Viking, which seems to be bracket 3

Viking and Tiger emerge victorious from game order: Bos5k, Tiger, Bejebus, Viking, which seems to be bracket 5.

We have one more game in progress also on game order: Bos5k, Tiger, Bejebus, Viking, (reversed as a result of the other team setting up our game). This game is bracket 11, and has two lonely wizards and a goblin chasing after one another on an empty map for the remaining 4 turns.


thanks Viking, nice job guys

Iod and Roderic keep their honour winning against Bejebus and Bos5k in CGR match 1

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So, the finals will be played live, as previously stated, on the Clover Hills map.

This map has been chosen for 3 reasons:
1: It is spacious
2: Teams start next to each other
3: The layout & terrain create an interesting opportunity for multi-level combat

Please let me know if anyone has an issue with this.

ALSO: I was thinking it would be cool to have a 3rd and 4th place battle, also live—let me know your thoughts.

LASTLY: Please let me know your timezone, I will create some kind of obnoxious poll so we can schedule times to play. It would be cool to have someone stream both games, if anyone has any thoughts on that.

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I think game 3 and 11 have been confused on the Challonge, but Bos5k & Bejebus win vs Tiger & Viking owing to some outrageous unsportsmanlike conduct by myself at the end


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sorted, thanks. Nice win

We’ve got one last battle finishing up, folks, please read my post (a couple above this one) and reply, thanks.

@Tiger @Viking34 @bejebus @Bos5k @Eidolon @Roderic @Iod

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Happy to play (I don’t think its possible for us to make the top 2)

I’m GMT+1


I’m GMT+0

Cannot play on the 11th or 12th of May


GMT +1, preferable all days evening but wednesdays.

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@bejebus @Roderic @Viking34 @Tiger @Eidolon @Iod @Bos5k

Ok, semi-finals have concluded and I’m going to make an attempt at organizing live games, please chase your partners down, if necessary, and get them to respond as soon as possible, otherwise this won’t be successful :slight_smile: Please follow the appropriate link below to a scheduling poll. And, yeah, I agree, polls suck, but it makes sense in finding a time.

Final Battle: Aka & Eido vs Tiger & Viking

3rd & 4th Place: Bos5k & Beje vs Roderic and Iod

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Thanks for the quick responses, awesome. Please make sure to calendar this and show up in-game at least 15 minutes ahead of time. Would be cool if we can find someone to stream the games too, so put the word out, please.

The Finals will be held: May 26, SUN, 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM GMT

3rd & 4th place still polling.

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And the battle for 3rd & 4th place will be held on Jun 1, SAT 8:00 PM GMT

Please note, we had issues with the finals in terms of time zones a la seasonal variations, make sure you do a google search for GMT time, it will tell you straight up what time it is. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.


Congratulations Aka and Eidolon two restless gnomes in winning the competition! The show was great witnessing as we are living in best of times indeed! :partying_face::trophy::clap:
Cheeky Viking and Tiger did their best too worthy challenge for the champions! :medal_sports::clap: