Character does not always stop when an Enemy is Spotted

So for this issue, and it may not be an issue as the Tutorial really doesn’t describe it, but it seemed to me that when an enemy is spotted, the character is supposed to stop. As I progressed into the game, this did not seem to be the case all the time. Is this a bug, or is there some logic to this?

If ‘Character A’ spots ‘Enemy A’, am I supposed to stop when ‘Character B’ spots ‘Enemy A’ for their first time?

If the above is not true, then are Spotted Enemies shared? Does that mean the character stops on new Spotted Enemies?

Right now I can’t really differentiate between ‘Enemy Spotted’ versus new ‘Enemy Spotted’ as a character runs since the focus is locked. If a character is meant to stop on only newly spotted enemies, then I think I would prefer a quality life enhancement to tag ‘New Enemy Spotted’. Then I know my character should have stopped, and I can make new assessments.

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I think this is about new enemies and happens only with first soldier spotting.

@Yokes Which seems to be the case. Confirmation from Dev and clarity in the Tutorial or in-game guide would be nice.

If true (and likely is), I am okay with this being moved to the Game Feedback forum for some QoL improvements.

I seem to remember a dev explaining just that in a playthrough for the tutorial missions … released only a few days prior release on an almost release-ready build

It should be when a new enemy is spotted for the first time. As you, the player, can see all enemies which have been spotted - movement doesn’t stop if a soldier runs into the line of sight of an enemy which has already been spotted

Thank you for the confirmation. I am good with the topic being marked as resolved, but I think for new players, some minor clarification in the Tutorial would be a nice touch.

Thank you!

Not exactly - I already had few situations when I see enemy for the first time and my soldier just continues his run towards them. Will try to record that though.

So I believe this is broken still. Found and recorded my issue. Start of a mission, moved my character, first enemy of the mission spotted, but the character does not stop.