Chaos Devolved: A de-make of Chaos Reborn into a light board game

Chaos: Devolved?

Steam Workshop page for Tabletop Simulator:

Conceit: Essentially, what if you could distill the casting/binary combat mechanics of chaos reborn into a stupid simple rule set that you could play with anyone? The chaotic dice chucking and combat for 2-whatever amount of players could make for a good time, despite being a light game rules/component wise.

Math of D&M: These are all of the possible probabilities in the game as of yet:

D6 Casting probabilities: 1 tier = 100% 2 tier = 83.3% 3 tier =66.7% 4 tier = 49.9% 5 tier = 30% 6 tier = 16.7%

D10 Attack Roll Probabilities: 1vs6=0% 2vs6=10% 3vs6=20% 4vs6=30% 5vs6=40% 6vs6=50% 6vs5=60% 6vs4=70% 6vs3=80% 6vs2=90% 6vs1=100%

Illusion Deck Probabilities: Their are 4 cards of each value 1 to 6, so the initial probabilities are the same as the D6. The difference is when cards start to get drawn and placed in the discard pile. From here, it’s a matter of counting the cards to inform your decisions.

Features that are missing: The base game mechanics that are missing from this iteration of the game are: chaos/law mechanics, terrain (though this can be done easily by writing things onto the hexes),creatures (I’m messing around with a system right now which should give players a maximum of 6 different types of units)

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I didn’t heard of that and it seems really cool and really interesting.
That’s the kind of board games I like to play.

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Thanks Burbigo! By chance, have you played the pc game chaos reborn?

I just ask as you might really enjoy that game (being like a board game) and I’m assuming many who might come across this post might might only be familiar with phoenix point, despite chaos reborn being made by the same developers.

Otherwise, I’m here to answer any questions that might be brought up. I have yet to do real play testing to see how well this stuff holds up, but I think my next step will be making a little instructions pamphlet and trying to rope some family into some games with it.

I’ve got to come up with a good map layout, with some interesting terrain features, as i think that could add alot of fun to the whole thing.

Hello Developers. You might get with Steve Jackson Games out of Arizona. Or at least consult him, on the board games mechanics for Chaos. He’s been in the board game business since the the 80’s, with such Titles as: Car Wars, GURPS, Rivets, Illuminati, Munchkins and many more popular games.
Doesn’t hurt to ask around.
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