Idea for Chaos Reborn Board Game (Chaos Ops)

So…I came across a game called Nexus Ops (, which seems to scratch a relatively similar itch to chaos reborn in terms of fast paced battle gameplay.

The way the hex and exploration work in the game really makes me ponder what a retheme with chaos wizardy stuff could churn up. Kind of reminds of Lords of Chaos particularly.

You’d have to get the illusion bluffing dynamic down, though the way the different creature’s abilities work, as well as attack priority could really work in the context of chaos reborn’s stuff.


Wiz War might be closer if you want something similar to Lords of Chaos -

Chaos itself originated as a board game. Sorry I can’t find an image, but I’m pretty sure they were on the Chaos Reborn forum at some point. And according to Wikipedia, that card game was based upon Warlock by Games Workshop

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Wiz War seems like the closest match, but in terms of coming close to the feel of the game, I feel that Nexus Ops might have it down. What it has that I find parallels chaos:

-Hex map
-Amassing armies of units w/ special characteristics
-Exploration (which is what makes me think lords of chaos)
-Binary 1 shot miss/hit and kill (Why aren’t there more games that do this!?)

I’ve been trying for the life of me to find a board game that scratches those same itches as chaos does…I was surprised to find one that could possibly fit the bill (It’s mainly the binary 1 shot miss/kills, as well as the creature priorities that got me interested in this one) It makes me wonder if a chaos board game might work (even if it’s just the brand and fast paced play, rather then the illusion and casting spells via cards)

Or as another way of looking at it: what if you had a board game, with the chaos theme, that was a fast paced area control game with the elements listed above (perhaps something to create that tactical variability that comes to life as you play a match w/ succeeded/failed casts)

I’m tempted to reverse engineer some of the mechanics to try to make it fit in the chaos theme…Even if it was chaos/law/neutral villagers fighting over some realm thing, as opposed to the actual wizard battling itself.

I’ve nabbed all of the art assets that I could that is chaos related, and think i can put together a little (big) prototype. So far, the big deviation is a selection of all of the creatures in chaos reborn to be shuffled out and added to each player’s tableau (each with there own “mana” cost and “Hit on roll”) This tableau of 6 creature cards (each with a different tier from 1-6) will effectively replace the player boards from nexus ops…I’ll have a reference card for each player that guides them through the turns.

There’ll be decks for each tier (1-6), which players can shuffle randomly or deliberately set up for a symmetrical game.

I’ve just been using alot of cards from another bgg variant project for reference…I think with the art that i got that I could probably whip up something snazzy without too much effort (it’ll probably be as unbalanced as all hell though xD)

Example of creature card (Tier 2):
-Legend: blue orb is cost, red orb is which roll it has to beat to hit, blue triangle dictates if it is able to harvest mana, and the diamond shape indicates it’s tier. Pretty rough layout, which i hope to rectify in the future.

Otherwise, the rough drawing board I have for the creatures in the game are as follows:
Tier1: (needs to roll 6 to hit, generally, can’t go to portal tile)
rat -rolls twice if first misses (can’t harvest mana)
eagle - can fly to otherwise restricted tiles
Humans - Normal units

goblin +1 buff when 3 or more goblins handy
dwarf- +1 buff when defending spires/bulbs
zombie -undead -1 for all attackers

lion - buff for lone prey
elf - buff for all units tier 3 and below
skeleton -undead -1 for attackers

hellhound -Undead -1 for attackers, can ignore attack on lower rolls
unicorn -Roll before all other enemies of same tier
spider - if hit, 1 kill or stop 2 attacks from equal/lower tier enemies

elephant + buff on enemy bases
giant - + buff in mountains, kill 2 enemies if tier 1-2.
manticore - flies from middle to anywere, attack debuffed
paladin - Holy + 1 vs undead, retaliation
pegasus - Can die in place of other units, attack debuffed
vampire - Undead - 1 for all attackers, gains 1 strength each battle victory

Tier 6:
hydra - hits twice with 5, 3 times with 6
sapphire dragon - add fire breathing and fly anywere from middle

Won’t make much sense, unless you’re familiar with nexus ops mechanics, but I figure i’d just be transparent and open with the process as I put together this little fan project. Definately open to consider any feedback and include any ideas that work.

Some ideas for exploration tokens are as follows:
-Mana flux: mana harvest (1 or 2 a turn)
-Citadel: abandoned fortress, defenders ignore 1 hit for every 1 rolled.
-wizard tower: treat any wizard towers as adjacent
-Village: Gain units based on indicated Tier

So far, the thematic idea is to base the game on villages of the realm, with chief(tess)s that are trying to gain control of the main portal of the realm (which is in the center), as they await the arrival of the new king, or hope to stop them from arriving.

Here’s some WIP of the art. At this point, i’m going to playtest it. heh