Ceiling or floor durability

Don’t you think that concrete floors are too weak vs explosives? I understand that metal sheet rooftop of hangar after using grenade can crumble and enemy can fall down. But concrete floor should not collapse after one or two grenades. I had stupid situation where my heavy went on the roof of one-story high building with his jet jump and there were 2 crabmen grenadiers. First grenade took him to 1st floor, second grenade took him to ground level. I think that this should not be so fast way down. :wink: In this way we can also limit accessibility of some places while we shoot aliens. I understand that missile can do such great damage but grenade? I’m not convinced.

Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ve thought of this already. Recall how in Julian Gollop’s original XCOM game, the walls of alien ships tended to be a good deal stronger than your average plywood fence. It was this way even in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

That being said, for explosives that deal environmental damage, there is always a chance for them to destroy an object, just as there’s a chance that they won’t. Just think of it as you getting lucky that it happened twice; I mean, I’ve fired explosives at aliens on rooftops in Phoenix Point and not knocked them down, before. Just as I’ve fired packed and focused high explosive charges at a wooden box with a tarp on it and not destroyed them in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Randomized environmental damage will always be a coin toss, unless you’re using something with a very high minimum damage threshold like a missile.

Was the old (BB1 maybe) “It’s weak on purpose, to make it easier to see/test the destruction” answer changed? Not following the patchnotes that closely…

Currently concrete walls are extremely durable. :wink: Definitely more than in previous BBs.

I’ve given up on getting BB3 to ever install on my PC so I can’t test it. That said it also depends on how much realism they’re after, the type of explosives they want to model, and if it’s reinforced with rebar or not. If it isn’t reinforced then it would risk collapsing under it’s own weight once the explosive creates cracks throughout it, while the rebar would help prevent this.

Or it could simply be something they overlooked.

Grenades? Happens with bullets … .

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