Capture needs a slight rework

Paralyzed units should not be captured on missions where we need to evacuate our operatives. Currently they are magically teleported to confinement on mission completion.

This would also make reworking citadels a good idea. Changing the evacuation mission requirement to secure the area, and having reinforcements stop after the scylla is dead or while it is paralyzed/mind controlled. The entire contents of all goodie huts should then be acquired on completion, which would probably make reducing the average number of goodie huts a good idea.

Units mind controlled upon completion of non-evacuation missions should be captured, and we should be able to evacuate (thereby capturing) mind controlled units (removing their WP maintenance costs and no longer preventing the recover action of their former controller).

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This is actually 3 ideas rolled into one.

Yes. It is logical.

That idea sounds logical to me. However I am not sure if it would make this mission more enjoyable.

I think it would make capturing too easy.
Besides, Mind Control in this game is lost so easily that it is logical to need paralysis to secure the capture.

Citadels are an evacuation mission. It’s hard enough to paralyze a Scylla. How many priests would one need to MC her for capture?