Capture living aliens

We will be able to capture aliens alive and observe/interrogate/experiment/cut-them-up-for-fun, right? I mean it’s war for survival, no time to be picky about methods. In FiraXcom I so preferred Vahlens sadistic streak to Teagans (or whatshisname) I-am-so-ethically-flawless attitude.
And I simply want a huge fish tank full of fun in my base.


Currenty technician has some sort of STUN as close combat defence. Hope is for stun weapons for all soldier as it used to be in 1994 XCom. Discussed here Will there be a STUN class of weapons/ammo?

Vahlens sadistic streak to Teagans

Can you please explain this a bit more?

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Yeah, I think Julian Gollop mentioned that capturing and interrogating aliens will be a part of the game progression:

"Will we need to capture live alien units and therefore have stun weapons?

Yes, you will. In some situations, this will be very useful, and you will need to use non-destructive weapons in these cases. Researching live aliens is important."

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Vahlen, from Enemy Unknown/Within, is somewhat famed for being…somewhat disturbingly blase about literally torturing the aliens to death for information.

There was nothing overly direct, as that would probably not fly with rating organizations and other hypocrites, but Bradford, Shen Sr., and Teagan all implied she reeeally enjoyed interrogating and dissecting aliens.


Yes, you will. In some situations, this will be very useful, and you will need to use non-destructive weapons in these cases. Researching live aliens is important."

Always was. My question is will they have classes (aliens) like they used to be commanders, engeeners in Xcom/TFD or you will keep “Capture aliens first for research and later for weapons cause you cant get it from corpses” EW mechanics? In UFO capturing aliens was important to get info on missions/classes/ships/intensions too …

You are speaking of a girl scientis from a prollogues of interrogation/ research? I dont get that personal with game characters. I suposse @fudizakasi mentions similar characters of “XCom2” (EW2 fi real, Xcom2 is TFD) that loved to do them nasty things. Havent played EW2 and don`t intend to.

(Please dont call the Fireaxis game UFO:EU, that is 1994 game. Lets call it “Enemy Within” as it final and complete edition) Even xcom name was licenced, it creates a lot of mess for players knowing the real franchise history.

But it was it’s name. Thus they call it FiraXCOM. :wink:

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Early name of “franchise reboot” yes. But full and bug free game calls itself “Enemy Within”. Since it simplified the mechanics significantly, I do dare to call it “enemy within” to original franchise where laser squad - ufo:eu - Terror from Deep -LS Nemesis - Phoenix Point make a consistence not only by author but by constant improvement.

as so often with reboots, they somewhat try too hard to be different and present itself as something new for the new generation. And in fact they try to milk the name. I am glad I know real Robocop 1-3, not just the reboot, as example. As gine example of HD Remake, not Reboot I can number Grim Fandalgo, Day of Tentacle and Wonderboy 3 Dragons Trap. That is how old gold becomes good for HD generation.

I loved the modders effort with long wars, tough. They have been fans of the real lineage.

OK, OK, my question was kindly answered by @Gunlord500, so we can wrap this up or continue in another thread.
I don’t suppose there is an option to lock a thread after marking it as resolved if I’m the OP?

Sorry if you feel offended in any way.

I am fully aware people will always compare PP to Fireaxis Xcom franchise, just because its recent and they might not like to play retro games and are not old enough to experience them at their time (when they were top games).

We ll just leave subject alone. I am interested to hear by team which solution will they pick - one newer gens are accustomed to (that is Fireaxis Xcom/Xcom2) or one they have already developed in Xcom EU 1994 and Terror from deep. Or something of their own.

For anyone interested in old mechanics I have given my best to explain it here.