BB5 Can't start the game

I have tried two separate times to get the game to start up.

The first set of attempts was just after I downloaded the newest version, Backer Build 5, through the Epic Games Launcher. When I first went to start the game up it gave me the ‘Made with Unity’ splash screen and then turned to a static gray screen. I played around with the settings a bit, started it up in Windowed mode, changed the resolution, switched graphics from Fantastic to Potato. I Verified the build through Epic Games Launcher, played a bit more with the settings, and finally got it to start. Ran smoothly.

Now, I am trying again to start it up, with the same settings as before, and the game is giving me that Gray static screen again. To be clear, I am not running into any Errors in game. It just sometimes crashes and Windows give me a message saying its unresponsive.

Anyone else having this problem?

This is not meant as a solution but did you try to wait really long? For me it takes around 10 minutes for the game to start. Everytime. I have the same grey screen like you a couple of minutes then a black one and then it runs just fine. Loading inside of the game appears normal to me. Just the initial launch takes ages.
I wonder if we have the same problem.


I’m going to give it another shot in just a minute. I will let you know.

EDIT: Perhaps my impatience gets the better of me. After 5 minutes the game has started. Could just be long wait time. Fingers crossed the full release is smoother.