Cannot Save options

Greetings all.

Would like to report a strange occurrence in my game.

After a few days playing, suddenly the game doesn’t save options (so I have to reset the game every time I start it), anytime something the game wants to quicksave, a message regarding an error trying to save shows up.
So, I hit an enemy, error message,
One of my soldiers is hit, error message,
and this keeps going until it crashes (might be another issue).
I tried with and without cloud saving, same results.
Also, progression is saved, so after a crash, if I return to game, the mission is still there, for me to start it (quite annoying).

Any idea where the problem may be? Its quite annoying and makes the game unplayable.

Thank you for any help

Hi there,

Is the error within the game or a windows popup?

If it’s the former, hit f12 and try and report it using three in- game bug reporting system.

One thing you could try is running the game “as administrator”.


Is it the “an error occured while saving options” error message that pops up for you? I am having the same issue if it is, but can’t find anyone else with the same problem as of yet.

Exactely, and that keeps showing up during game play.

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