An error while saving options

My game has bricked do to this, I can’t start a new game, I can’t play an old game. A fresh reinstall does nothing, and it seems to be caused by a sync issue with epic games.

I literally lost my ability to play the game do to this bug, and there is no error reports, no logs, no nothing as all of them are blank do to the cloud problems.

I was having fun with this game and do to a sudden sync issue I can’t play it. Like literally can not play the game.

As stated I have tried a fresh reinstall, both sync options given by epic, I have tried manually messing with teh files. But nothing works. My game is destroyed.

IT shows this error any time I click a button, and crashes if I attempt to start a game.

As stated a fresh install isn’t fixing it. And the game was working well for a while I Got 23 hours in the game before this started happening.

Looks like for some reason the files keep reverting to read only and run as administrator only… even though I am the PCs admin.

Ok problem has been solved. The files saved in LocalLow where corrupted and my antivirus locked them down, apparently during a computer crash said files where damaged.

A quick wipe of said files and a verify of the games files via epic fixed it. Though verifying the files alone didn’t do anything.

So if a similar bug happens to others they need to wipe all their save data, as it was corrupted.