Cannot save game from Geoscape

I met one more insanely annoying bug that seems to havent been described before. If you got the Syns technology, which increases the energy reactor points to 25, and built up the base, exceeding the standard 20 points, then you will get a couple of unpleasant consequences.
First, after each download, several random buildings will be disabled on this base in order to reduce power consumption to the standard 20 points. You can turn them on manually until the next boot, BUT …
Secondly, if the number of disconnected buildings includes an air hangar in which the aircraft is listed, you CANNOT SAVE current game while being in the geoscape! A possible solution is to turn on the hangar by disabling other buildings on this base, reducing consumption to 20 points, start any battle, and after returning to the geoscape, I hope you can save again. Well, in any case, with some difficulty I managed to continue this game.

I’ve noticed this issue too, but I had no problems with saving. Are you sure about the reason?

First I could list all the actions that did NOT help, and then add the last one that helped. The helpless part of the list is quite large, so I only mentioned the last point. I would also like to clarify what specific problem you noticed? Disabling hangars at the bases? Maybe it’s the number of bases and aircraft? I had 3 bases and 3 vehicles (equal) when I overloaded my bases, and problems with saving were started after any battle. Later I will try to reproduce the situation artificially.