Cannot move aircraft; cannot save game

Send F10 report.


I didn’t have to send ANY report. I reported out of the goodness of my heart and you would do well to remember and appreciate that.
I am a casual user of this software and ‘F10’ is not exactly intuitive.
ctrl-alt-F12-shift-æ your response to my posts.

Then out of the goodness of your heart I ask you to appreciate any assistance offered from people who are not employed by Snapshot Games - the community council and moderators are not devs.

F10 is the preferred way to submit bugs. Of course if you choose not to do so that is entirely your decision.




reporting it with F10 takes less time than posting on the forum and from what I understand it has better impact on the case if bug will be fixed. Just a friendly information to your response to my post. :stuck_out_tongue:

F10 provides the devs with a snapshot of your game at the time, so that they can see exactly what was going on when you had the problem and identify its source.

Posting on the forum simply tells them there’s a problem, but gives them very little to go on in terms of tracking it down.

Also, all @Yokes was trying to do was tell you the best way to get your problem resolved. He didn’t HAVE to tell you this, he was just doing it out of the goodness of his heart because he thought it would help.

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Sorry for the slow response, but none of you submitted by my preferred ctrl-alt-F12-shift-æ and therefore I can only see your responses when I visit this forum. Please use ctrl-alt-F12-shift-æ in the future as it is the best way to get a response.

This is forum, not an issue tracker. You have been told how to report an issue. :smiley: If you are looking for a solution, you will not get it here, there is in-game report tool.

Why should anyone here care how and what you will do? :joy: You have an issue with aircraft and save game, we don’t. :joy:

Seems to me this thread is done. Locking.