Hey how do I skip animations!

Just got the game, but already sitting through the enemies turn is killling me. I assume there is a skip animations\speed up animations option like every game ever made but I cant see it???

Where is this option?

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Not present at this moment.

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For me knowing what the enemy is doing is very important information. Without it, you can be guessing what to do in the next turn. Surely this would make the game more difficult?

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Guessing you have never played the grand campaign in total war warhammer 2! Be prepared to wait about 10 minutes for the enemy turn.

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In seriousness though, although the enemy turns don’t really bother me, they could refine it.

It just doesn’t look very polished when you see a Triton taking about a minute to fire four shots from their pistol, playing the full animation between each shot.

In case you missed it… There are a few threads on this topic… In short, there seem to be some technical constraints for this.

They could make exceptions to this. As I said, the Triton pistol shooting is just silly.

I get that the engine needs to calculate physics etc as part of actions, but as soon as the Triton has shot (and before the game engine starts playing the “pistol down” animation) it could be calculating the next action. If the next action happens to be the Triton shooting again, then just go straight into it rather than playing “pistol down” animation, “pistol aim” animation.

Like I said, it isn’t the end of the world, but it just makes the game seem unpolished.

I like the game but the reason I took the time to post (something I rarely do) is that it is really annoying. The game started annoyingly right from the start when the first battle someone took 3 or 4 very slow pistol shots at me. This sent me straight here looking for the option I must be missing.

Now with lots of enemies in the game I find myself alt-tabbing out during enemy turns and ultimately losing interest. My DLC buying plans are on hold, and my review has changed for the worse.

With respect, maybe the reason there are multiple threads is because it is a big deal?

I’m really not sold on the idea its so slow because a 2020 computer (speed measured in Gigahertz) takes so long to calculate the basic high school simplified physics of a pistol shot x 4. There is no wind or gravity or projectile weight, etc etc

Well I actually I have and I didn’t buy any DLC and didn’t encourage my friends to get it for that very reasons. It was quite fun but quickly became super tedious to point where I just stopped playing.

BUT they recently fixed that up enormously recently and . . .

NOW i have bought all the DLC and play online campaigns with friends. Its not perfect but it changed a lot.

It might seem like a small thing but it makes a big difference especially with a number of other QOL issues (like acid attacks, recruitment, difficultly and trading to name a few).

I guess I will check back in a few weeks and see if anything has changed.

Not sure whether this was undocumented as well in the last patch, but some of the enemy animations have been sped up.

For example, the Triton pistol shooting has been redone, exactly like I said above!