Tritons with a Pistol still take about 5 hours for their turn

Can you guys please speed that up? Pretty please?

Turns take forever in general. A Triton will routinely take 45 seconds to fire 3 shots, and it’s not uncommon for a Pandoran turn to take 5 minutes total, of which 90% of that time is spent staring at an unmoving screen while nothing visible is happening.

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That is Tritons’ AI evaluating shots all over the map. They said that they will try to speed it up, but issue is with ballistics and how AI interprets possible accuracy.

it i annoying, I honestly wish they’d give us a “prevent pistol pandaorans from spawning” option till they solve this

well technically I want a balanced chirons even more

That does not seem to be the only culprit. They also take quite a moment to reflect on their actions after they took a particular shot, sometimes looking around in different directions acting confused before ending their turn or taking another shot.

Probably because they re-evaluate after every shot. Something that would need to be done if their target dies on the first or second shot. Something potentially that could be skipped if they find a target and it “locks in” the target UNTIL it dies so it doesn’t re-evaluate each time. Assuming.