Camera auto rotates


upon starting a mission the camera immedately starts to rotate clockwise, without pressing a button or having done anything yet.
Besides keyboard and the mouse, I have no other controls system connected to my pc and also removed all previous ones in the windows options.
Even when all controls are disconnected the camera still rotates.

A wild idea - did you try unticking controller support in the option menu? Something must give the commant to rotate the camera. Odd stuff.

Yes i did that too, also i forgot to mention that the constant rotating only occurs when free camera mode is activated. If it isnĀ“t the camera rotates just once and then begins to drift into the corner of the map.

please use the F12 in game bug reporter so the QA team can have a look

Maybe your computer detects Earth rotation and try to adapt to it in the game?

Re installing the game solved the problem.