"Buy all" option for trading with heavens

I wish there was a one-click buy all option for trading with heavens. Many of my facilities are churning out apple pies, like there is no tomorrow. I found myself installing an auto-clicker just to buy up all the tech and materials I can lay my hands on.

(For other people, listening to click-click-click x 10 is also not the most fun way to be locked in the same room with a Phoenix Point gamer low on materials.)

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Second this. I was surprised to find holding down control or shift did not increase the “per unit clicks” to 5/10/25/50/100.

install mod to do it with ctrl

Yes there’s a mod - but I can’t get eht mods to work - any of them - so not for those who aren’t software engineers!! :frowning:

This is a must have: the player can only produce food and cannot produce tech or materiel. The likelyhood of players producing large amount of food and trading it for the other two is so high it is practically guaranteed. Looooooots of clicking is ensured for all :slight_smile:

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