Trading food with factions

When I first started trading resources and food, I was confused as to how it worked. The problem was that when you click to trade, there are two arrows (left to right and right to left). This normally indicates that something can be traded for back and forth. Please replace with a single direction arrow.

I understand that the resource they have to trade is listed on the geoscape map, but when I was first starting I didn’t know if they wanted that resource or had it to trade. Only by means of deduction did I figure it out. I still sometimes forget when I am in the information page which resource they are wanting to trade for.

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In deed I remember that I had to deduce what was happening from the numbers that were displayed.

To devs, you can see how “buy/sell” buttons are done on ForEx platforms. And since we don’t need to be on a haven to trade (kind of strange how stuff gets teleported), might as well have a special screen for it (I know it’s already been asked at least twice, but once more :wink:), lots of space to make a clear exchange platform.

There are only three assets with their exchange rates (buy/sell with a huge spread to punish arbitrage):

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Agree, the trading could be made simpler and with a slider to avoid having to click 50 times to sell food for materials.

Prices change according to the diplo status with the faction: with 2 tech you get 8 mats at beginning 9 at 50% and 10 at 75% same for food

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