[bug] wrong language for hint

Just started playing the game (Loving it!). Language is English.
Noticed this hint (attached).
Also new to forum, sorry if duplicate.

Hi, Thanks for reporting. The best way how to report such bugs is via in-game bug reporting tool. If you press F10 while playing and fill the report it will go straight to our QA.

Great, thanks, will remember that for next time.

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I just got the exact same bug. Pressing F10 doesn’t work, and I don’t see it bound in the key mappings. I’m based in UK and all my Windows 10 settings are set to English (UK).

Thanks for reporting your experience @JordanAradine . I have since encountered another minor display bug, with unit stats incorrectly displayed. In that case F10 did work for me. Perhaps try F10 from some other screens in your game to verify. Perhaps F10 not working for your could be system specific or only when those information popups are on screen.

Maybe it’s because I’m playing on Game Pass?

Yeah, that could be the reason. The key for reporting used to be F12 but as it is default Steam key for screenshots we changed it to F10. So maybe on Gamepass it is still under F12?

I bought the Year One Edition on Steam last night, and not only does F10 does work on Steam, the game itself runs better too. Also, the Game Pass version does this thing where it shows me the desktop if I move the mouse to the edges of the screen (none of my other Game Pass games do that).