Display bug/ game bug - Microsft Store version

First off I play this game through “gamepass” through microsoft’s store. When I first started the game everything fine. It’s when the game exits completely back to desktop and then I reload the game back up I start a mission, and all of the UI is bugged. I can’t click on anything to work. Only way to play the game is to “reset” the game through windows 10 apps and start the game but it basically resets everything… I lose all my save games, it resets it like I just installed it for the first time.

I’ve tried different video settings (windowed, boarderless, fullscreen). I don’t know what the problem is. My graphics drivers are up to date.

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like:

Hi. If possible, once into the game and facing a screen like the one posted, please try pressing F12 to see if it will open the bug report tool. If so, please use the tool to send a bug report as this will send important data to our QA team to help establish what is causing the issue.

Thank you I just did that. Hope you guys know what does that.

Thanks for sending us the in-game report. It seems that we managed to identify the problem and it is caused by keybindings.

Before we fix it, this should help: remove Bindings.jopt file from your saves folder.