German translation corrupted in YearOneEdition on Steam


I don’t know what language it is, but there are parts that aren’t german or english.

There might be more, these two I just saw in the first minute.

Looks like Romanian, or might be Italian

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I can confirm this, the same language issues at the same positions (Trooper and Burst), my game is also in German.
Here is another with a similar problem at the Trooper description but with Polish language:

I start new in English language, let’s see how that looks.

Edit: All fine in English, as expected. I will stay with that for a while.

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Its safe side, but you wont be able to report faulty or not done translations.

Ahh, bug report key is F10. It needs new learning curve!

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Yep, I thought it was removed until i read the patchnotes after posting here. :wink:

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That’s true, but honestly, I have no fun to go on with these translation issues. It’s enough for me to bother with all the other bugs that are sure to arise. These will of course be properly reported :wink:

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They’re both Italian.

I’m sad to see that the wrong “Burst” translation that I reported has been fixed, but in the wrong language :frowning_face: in your second screeshot that “Raffica” is the Italian for “Burst”, while in my language the game still shows “Esplosione” which is “Explosion”.

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