Bug reporter not working - zip won't upload. Screen res issue?

I haven’t managed to successfully upload a screenshot of any bugs yet, despite many attempts. I suspect this may be to do with screen resolution, but this is only a theory.

I can fill out the bug report, and the reporter tells me it has created the zip file. It attempts to upload it for a short time, then always fails. At this point, I don’t know if the bug report has been sent without the zip file (or if indeed the whole report was in zip), or whether only the screenshot was supposed to be in the zip file, and the report has uploaded separately, successfully.

The bug I was initially trying to report was that on the loading screens between missions, the tips are obscured by the image of the soldier, and are therefore unreadable. I only figured out that this isn’t the case for everyone when I saw a YT video of someone else’s gameplay.

I have an ultrawide monitor (3840x1080), and it appears the soldier image is scaling based on the width only, not taking into account the overall aspect ratio. The soldier image doesn’t clip off of the screen - it’s visible in its entirety - it’s just the soldier’s shoulder level completely obliterates the text.

So that was the first issue. The second is as stated; the bug reporter won’t upload the zip (or any zips).

Could there be a maximum file size that the reporter expects, that the screenshot is exceeding?

Additionally, and related to this, despite choosing to launch the game at a lower res (1080p), it always ignores this and sets the res at the monitor’s native res, so I can’t actually experiment with this to see if my theory is correct.

Other than this, the game scales really well at 3840x1080 - I’m impressed!

PS graphics card is nVidia GTX 1070

Some on these forums have indicated that the failure to upload could be related to how many saved game files you have.

I’ve experienced the same problem and after deleting some saved games the F12 upload worked.

Ah, thanks. Will try that.