Report Issue menu is too small

I am playing the Backer Build from my couch on a 4k TV. The Report Issue popup doesn’t scale well, and it is almost impossible to read.

Yeah, that’s an issue with a lot of games UI not scaling up for 4K resolutions and not specific to this game. Would be nice to see this fixed seeing as I use a 4K TV for my main monitor as well and this would be an issue for me as well, but like I said this isn’t just an issue with this game, many games have poor scaling of UI with 4K resolutions.

The rest of the UI scales perfectly. I have no problems playing the game at 4k at all, as long as I don’t plan on submitting a bug report.

Same here, but the in game UI is also hand crafted code while the bug submission is probably something handled with pre built code into the engine for bug submission seeing as this is a common bug in many games.