BUG REPORT: Bug reporting ingame is buggy

Encountered Behaviour:
Just tried using the ingame reporting tool to report a bug with camera controls while multiple USB game controllers are connected, but the tool itself is buggy.

After finished my report and hitting send, the window just stays open and nothing is happening… I left it sitting for 10 minutes already, which should be ample time for either the attached screenshot being uploaded or some failsafe timeout being triggered, yet still nothing happens.

Yet a couple of minutes more and the popup window became usable again, with my report text still in there and no feedback on what went wrong, if the report had been sent or not, nothing.

Expected Behaviour

Report tool should display a progress bar for uploading the bug report to the QA team and give a final report on the outcome (Failure due to: / Success).

Steps to reproduce

  • Start a new game at Fort Freiheit
  • Immediately open the Bug Report Tool via F12
  • Try sending a bug report

I also have problems with the bug report tool. I believe it’s due to the screenshot it tries to send with it. I keep getting a “request timed out” message. I would suggest you add an option to send reports without screenshots. It might be to do with my upload speed, which would mean I could never send a bug report with a screenshot.

Also, apparently I can’t post any more bug reports on the forum today. I realise the daily limit is to avoid spam but there’s no way for me to report bugs now other than hoping someone’s already posted the bug and I can back it up.

Screenshots are currently taken in .png format, which of course means a larger file size than with .jpg compression – maybe that would be an appropriate hotfix, to reduce the size for the the upload.

Sadly a lot of people, like myself, are still stuck with abysmally slow internet, especially true for the upstream… mine is a whopping 0.7 MB/s.

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