Bug: lost all pending reverse engineering research on save

I saved, quit the game, launch 1 hour later and my research queue was basically empty.
I lost all pending reverse engineering research projects & items

this save issue was after starting a fresh game on neconomicon patch (lastest from epic store) on macos 10.15 (reported via F12)

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Did you report this via F12. This way the devs can track how it was caused.

not initially as i didnt know but it keeps happening with any pending research – so I filed an F12 bug last night

There is a current bug in research tree that makes it look like dissapeared

However, it should appear on geoscape that you are researching, and once you find something new, do a mission or after some other event, it suddenly restores. So reasearch is not lost, its display is bad. At least on Windows, cant say anything for the MacOS version.

after reading this, I just continued the game and can confirm this. luckily. thanks

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No prob. At least we share bugs and x64 platform :slight_smile:

Hope it will be fixed real soon

JUst to add that Arkham did not solve this problem, nominated for 1.8.1 hotfix, I hope