Co-research with ally issue

When you research same project with ally after it reach 100% and is “done” wasnt autodelete from ongoing projects.

Ally start new research, phoenix operator stuck on 100% and must manualy delete project.
It should autodelete and start next project but that wasnt happen.

Did you find a solution to this? When I manually deleted the completed research I was unable to start research anything else, ever, so game development is effectively frozen and I’m ceasing play until a fix.

me already had it queue, when me delete 100% already researched project, another one jump in place.

Wasnt tested on single research. Maybe there are some exception with this if there wasnt any tech on queue list… nothing able jump in, you unable delete and research frezee :wink: but me can only guest how that work. Definitly need it been fixed. Its “alpha” backer build :wink: so we can expect much bugs and exploits.