Research Queue Problem

The little up arrow disappears in my research queue.

To reorder I have to pause everything and then put it back in the order I want it done.

Exiting and restarting the game doesn’t fix it, but starting a new game does.


Sounds like you missed an update. Or it didn’t work on your saved game for reasons unknown. :frowning:

It was working, it just stopped working in the course of the game.

And randomly started working again a couple of hours later.

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That is wickedly evil RNG, my dude :open_mouth:

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I know, right?

must be a new undocumented feature of the patch :wink:


Strangely, my research queue tend to disappear for unknown reasons : sometimes, I can only see the current reasearch and the next one, some other times the 10 or 15 reseraches I know to be in the queue are visible and can be interacted with again.
No idea what causes it (yet).


I have seen this Off and On throughout my current play. No idea what causes it, but definitely game program related.

I’m having the same issue. All of my queued research disappears except for the top two. If I add a new research item all of the queue reappears, but then disappears again later.

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I have reported it with F12, like scrolling does not appear properly.

It does research in order, and once something is researched, or later on, its restored back to normal.

Seems to happen when you add new things and try to scroll.

As described, only first two items remain visible.

Latest patch, Necromicon.

Reported as bug with F12 also with tool

quote=“Thanatos, post:5, topic:11657”]
must be a new undocumented feature of the patch :wink:

One step forward, two steps backward :slight_smile:

Seems we have to get used to it until game is really polished.

Yes, I have exactly the same issue. F12’ed it. It’s as though it only displays the top two research tasks in queue until an action is performed to refresh the data in the display window. Poor coders must be going around in circles as there was a different variant of this problem before.


Perhaps two steps forward, followed by one step backwards. There’s definitely substantial progress being slowly made. :relieved:


Yup, that is how PP progress goes, but then we could not play Max Romeos tune :slight_smile:


As long as there’s progress and bugs are genrally squished, I’m good with it.


Or as the old Beer Song goes … 99 Bugs we have patched in the game!
101 more put in!
Take them down
Share them around
99 Bugs we have patched in the game!

:eyes: :vulcan_salute:

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