BUG. Enemy loot & manufacturing destroyed weapons queue

With the latest build experiencing the following 2 bugs.

a) When successfully complete a mission, the troops do not pick up the enemy dropped weapons & ammo. Need to do it manually, within the limit of having enemies alive on the map. That results to running out of resources because of constant clip & weapon manufacturing to cover item loses, and doesn’t allow to expand. That has resulted to running Nest missions just to get weapons & ammo on my own pace before the mission end. Otherwise game over without the ability to make ammunition.

b) When a weapon is not in stock is destroyed eg AR-1, when mission ends getting an popup to manufacture one and correctly puts it in the queue.

However if another AR1 weapon is destroyed on the follow up mission, before the first AR-1 is manufactured and still AR-1 out of “stock”, then by pressing the + button on the popup window that appears to create an AR-1 weapon, getting the error “already in queue” flashing up.
Regardless if I am 2 AR-1 weapons down.

Thank you and keep the good work :slight_smile: