Stuck in Alien Activity and Character Converted to Enemy?

Ran into this issue by doing the following:

  1. Engineer used technician heal on an ally character. Healed the character, but then got a red bar, as if the ally was an enemy.
  2. Finished turn and switched to Alien Activity. Now stuck in Alien Activity.

New user, so I can only put one image here. Linking to Imgur so you can see different angles.

quick look says that to me, it is the bug dealing with the reviving of enemy crabmen by the technician, though no guarantee about that.

By any chance can you use F12 to report the bug?

Ah, didn’t realize F12 reports bugs. I’ll do that next time ( I alt + F4’d out of the game).

my f12 is airplane mode, it disables internet… can i click it twice and and um, still report?

I assume you’re using a laptop? If so, you probably need to hold the “Fn” key (usually to the left of the space bar) when you press F12

okay dang i wish i would have known that like 5 minutes ago, ha ha. oh well. Thanks!