Alien activity taking forever

Pretty sure it’s not my pc as it’s way better specced than I’d expect the game to require, but every ‘alien activity’ round literally takes up several minutes.

It’s so bad, I turn to my phone and read the news and then type this message while still waiting for one alien turn to finish.


Went to get a snack, still waiting for the same ‘alien activity’…

The slow alien turns are a known bug at the moment.

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Are they just slow or they hang completely? I got bored of waiting after a few minutes and exited the game.

By the way @UnstableVoltage, I don’t know if I complained about this before, but on the Potato settings, UI elements are really blurry, which is particularly annoying when it comes to text which is difficult to read. My resolution is 1366*768.

Other than that the game is shaping up nicely, I’m very pleased with how it’s progressing.

Is it expected that this will get fixed with a patch or not before build 4? I quit after 3 turns an about 20 minutes as it’s unplayable like this.

Hopefully I won’t have to wait until the next build in a few months over this…

That’s ok, on “fantastic” setting with 4k resolution the world map looks about more blurred as my nighttime sight without my glasses, kind of like Vaseline was smeared all over it. Doesn’t make it any less fun, but definitely very low resolution images right now for the world map it seems.

We’ve already identified and fixed several bugs since this build went out. We will be pushing some updates over the next few days.

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I must say, you have been rather busy today, seems like your the only moderator online with how active you have been answering peoples questions and concerns, thanks for all the hard work you are putting in to keep people informed.

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I’m the only “community” person at Snapshot. Our other moderators are community volunteers who just keep order and the place tidy.

We are an indie company after all!

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I was just complimenting you and your hard work since you have been so active to communicate with people to keep them informed. Even with bigger companies it is rare to see moderates replying back as quickly as you have been, communication is very important and a lot of companies regardless of size sometimes forget that. Hopefully now that the download is working and enough people have pointed out that even if your missing the new link if you still have the old link it should work that your day calms down a bit.

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It’s 11pm here. I hope it calms down soon :smiley:

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I’m getting this also. we will get some updates soon I’m sure though.

Confirming the presence of this. I will wait until the bug is fixed. :slight_smile:

Not sure if it will help you, but moving the camera around seems to help to some degree in getting it moving again. May just be coincidence, but won’t hurt to try