Patches with Bug Fixes?

I recently bought a copy of PP (YOE) and am shocked by the quantity and severity of bugs still in the game. It doesn’t seem clear to me from the communication on this platform or Steam that these will be adressed at any point in the near future, or the far future for that matter. Is this game still being worked on? The notification that fan-created content is being linked on the steam forum from the official Snapshot development team indicating that fan-created mods adress some of the more glaring issues, but that using the mod requires all DLC as way of advertisement, confuses me greatly.
засрами се!

Are there really so many? I probably do something wrong but I don’t encounter them for some reason.

No. Deelopment stopped. Probably programmers at some point will come back for a week or two to fix bugs that are still there - probably not all, but those most crucial.

Well modders try to fix issues left by developers. And these modders work on final game with all DLCs. Preparation of mod versions to include only some part of the game would require too many checks and would be probably source of new glitches and bugs. It is not advertisement from developers, but requirement from modders. :slight_smile:

Ok thanks.
Not being able to load a saved game in tactical maps is pretty tough. I can live with most of the other bugs, but the loading game disasters just makes me feel rotten.