Boom Blast + Rapid Clearance + Hel Canon

I’ve used this and it does appear to reduce the AP for the Hel Canon for the 1st 2 shots.
But afterwards the AP reduction on the same turn stops working.

Has anyone else experienced this?

boom blast isn’t very compatible with hell cannon, but rapid clearance+CM (quick shot)+hell cannon can clear a clump of enemies just fine ;3
boom blast works with GLauncher…more so in reducing jump jets and rally by 1 AP…why i don’t know

I’ll check that out. Thanks!

oh, btw, you have to have the GL selected as active weapon or the BB+JJ thingy doesn’t work for some reason (my guess is that it’s still a remnant from BB4 where BB affected JJ)

i wrote some stuff here, and you can also see “my A-Team” pics + some mutations for soldiers…check it, might give you a better view…there’s 7 cause they just ride thunderbird and defend heavens…
…hope it helps…:grin:

Then, you have to click other unit. Then, return to heavy. But If you shot 4AP and kill enemies, your AP of Heavy is 4.

@tunarian what are you talking about?