Boom Blast - i do not understand

please somehow do not grasp this ability. maybe it’s my weak English. or it is taught on another weapon. this ability affects hell connon.

it says that the weapon has a greater range, but weapons range everywhere.
That he can not hit them is another matter.

I just don’t understand the ability even from that description I’m not smart.

probably I am not smart :slight_smile:

Boom Blast is for explosive weapons like hand grenades, grenade launcher (Goliath), all kind of mounted on the back launchers.

It doesn’t affect Hel Cannon. If you want better shots with Hel cannon you need one of those points or combination of them:

  • change heavy armor to some other with better accuracy statistic
  • multiclass your heavy to sniper and use Quick Aim and Master Marksman skills.
  • if your heavy has some perk increasing accuracy, then take it