Bonus damage research nonfunctional?

in my recent game I noticed that the bonus damage from the various vivisection/autopsy researches on the sentinels/arthrons/tritons didn’t work.

I tested this by:
-researched terror sentinels after the first lair, this research adds a damage bonus of +15% or something in that region.
-next terror sentinel I found, blasted the armor off the roots…noted the sentinels remaining HP.
-picked a trooper without any + damage bonuses on his weapon and fired a magazine of deimos AR ammo in the roots. checking if the listed damage changed if I targetted the sentinel…it did not.
-checked the damage total done after firing by checking the difference in health…there proved to be no bonus atoll.

I’m wondering if I’m the only one experiencing this, and I suspect the same is true for most of the vivisection researches…even though I have not specifically tested those.

Hiya, I’ve read something similar here before about research “feeling” pointless, in so much as the perceivable benefits are swamped by the ramp in difficulty but it may well be it’s worse. There is other evidence to suggest the PP research isn’t having any effect, like some lambda isn’t firing on completion. The achievement tracker on the game pass version is always at 0% for the “do all PP research goal.”

I can’t see the code using dnspy on gamepass as it’s all compiled into native c++ I think, usual assembly DLL isn’t there to decompile. Any advice on this welcome.

Forgot to add, congratulations on excellent black box testing. And thanks for the time you spent analysing this.

Have you F12’d this?
If not, it would really help everyone if you repeated the experiment and f12’d it, then posted a Bug Report on Canny for the devs to follow up on.
Good spot, @conductiv