Capturing a Siren before killing it populates the autopsy instead of vivisection

If you’ve never killed a Siren, and paralyze it intending to take it alive the research quest populates as if you killed it. Hilariously, the quest mentions how important it would be to take one alive which further makes this bug frustrating.

Edit: After going through the research the log immediately populates we should “Vivisect” a Siren most likely because the trigger found I had one captured. Still, it’s easily missable and doesn’t make a lot of sense that I did an autopsy and THEN studied a live one?

Heh, yep i feel like it’s a little strange but i guess it make sense in a gameplay point of view, as it’s usualy easier to kill an ennemy than to run to it and give him repeated tazer shocks xD

So yep, if you haven’t already autopsyed an allien type, capturing one alive is “pointless” as the butche… ahem, “scientist” will kill him for autopsy, skipping the vivisection phase x)

While in “reality” i suppose if we capture a living alien, we can vivisection him, and once death, autopsy him.

Seem ecology and reusability of corpses isn’t a thing in the future :’)